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For today’s episode I am so excited to be able to share a side of this couple you may not have seen on their HGTV and DIY Network TV show, Old Home Love.  Andy & Candis Meredith are the hosts of this show dedicated to restoring historic homes for modern, not museum, living.  I feel honored to share with you something they haven’t shared on air yet, their ‘scandalous’ love story as Candis jokingly put it.  No there’s nothing scandalous about it.  Andy and Candis Meredith are the parents of six boys and one girl.  They both share about leaving after living 10 years in negative marriages and the joys of finding the storybook love they never thought they could have.  They openly talk about moving past hurtful judgements and comments of friends and the increased compassion that has created in their hearts for others.  They give insights into becoming a blended family and those things that came easy and those thing that needed more work.  And of course you will feel the palpable passion they both have for restoring historic homes, how they got started, and some revealing insights into what the show is like behind the scenes including why they decided to sell out.   You will love getting to know another side of this darling power couple.

Want to know if this episode is for you?  This episode is perfect for someone feeling stuck in a negative situation or looking for hope in finding love again after an unhealthy relationship, and for someone that is looking for insights as a step parent or blended family.    It is also perfect for those who love their TV show Old Home Love, who want to know more about restoring historic homes, and what being on a TV show is really like.


What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • how I first met Andy & Candis in the parking lot of Vintage Whites Market and how they love meeting and hearing from their fans
  • how they finally have a storybook love in their second marriages after living 10 years in prior negative marriages
  • how they are able to move past their past with no regrets
  • what it felt like to be in an unhealthy marriage and how often in negative relationships the things that initially attracted you to someone become a point of contention
  • at what point they both felt like leaving their marriage was better than staying and how its okay to leave unhealthy situations
  • how they never talked about their negative marriages to anyone for 10 years
  • why they decided to start dating instead of waiting a year
  • dealing with the hurtful judgements and comments from friends because of a perceived wrong
  • how out of this grew an incredible desire to show compassion and kindness to others
  • working out negative feelings with others
  • working through issues that come up as a blended family
  • teaching your children about fairness as well as how life isn’t fair but to be grateful
  • dealing with the transition of being a step parent and the development of love and discipline
  • their two part criteria for flipping houses
  • how having the show has effected Candis and Andy as individuals
  • their new found respect for people who put themselves out there
  • how they lost money doing the TV show and thought they would lose everything
  • Candis’ love of bloggers and her desire to be able to share her talent
  • how they decided it was okay to sell out
  • what things are really like behind the scenes of a reality TV show
  • how to renovate an old home in phases while you live there
  • the two things you shouldn’t skimp on when renovating
  • advice to those buying historic homes
  • how to know when you should do a project yourself or hire out
  • how they got their financial start and how you can learn how to do it yourself through their real estate course
  • what features they put in every home
  • why flipping is an honorable profession


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