Friends this is one of my very favorite interviews. I am so honored to reshare from the LifeBeats Library a conversation with Dawnbreaker Andy Proctor of the podcast “More Happy Life” as he honored our community by sharing something he hadn’t shared publicly this fully.  I know he will be met with respect and love.  Andy shares his and his wife’s spiritual journey and the events that have led to them questioning everything they have believed, spurred by the hospitalization of his wife due to delusions and psychosis.  Andy lovingly describes what she experienced and their path of uncertainty but desire to believe in God.  He shares the questions that remain unanswered for him and what he is looking to understand.  Andy shares the importance of thriving and having meaningful experiences especially during these critical moments of uncertainty and what he is currently doing daily to foster having a happy life.   We also talk about the idea of loneliness and belonging as the antidote and what we can do to feel that in our lives.  Friends, I know that you’re going to just appreciate Andy’s vulnerability and honesty as you think of your own questions or periods of uncertainty in life.

Listen and be inspired to think of and push through your questions understanding that you can still thrive in uncertainty, do those things that bring joy in your life despite the questions that you might have as you can move forward with a desire to know dedicating your time to finding the answers, and create meaningful connections with offline relationships.

Show Notes:

Andy’s website “More Happy Life”

Andy’s podcast “More Happy Life”

“The Happiness of Pursuit”