This is one of the most important episodes in LifeBeats’ nearly 6 year history.  This podcast is for you and what is coming has been years in the making!  Years!!  Its happening!!  I am ready.  You are ready.  The time is now to no longer stand alone.  On today’s episode I excitedly share what we are creating together this year and how it will help you stay in your purpose, stand in your voice, and remember who you are so that you can create a greater impact with the fire that is inside of you to help others and save lives!

Expand your individual impact by utilizing the power of the collective.  No longer stand alone.  Imagine being supported and surrounded by others who feel that same beating of their heart that they have something to give.  Imagine a group committed to open conversations seeking to understand differences and create unity, supporting one another’s mission and purpose, sharing tools and resources, who honor your view of your Higher Power and seek daily to connect with theirs.

This is the rallying call.  Hear it.  Feel your heart beat, even now!

Come be a part of the League of Dawnbreakers!!

Listen and find out how, when Season 3 will be launching with a new podcast season (spoiler, really soon!), and more about our first Gathering and Workshop combined with a Launch Party!  Be sure to grab your seat as there is limited tickets.

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