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What drives you?  What fuels that drive?  On today’s podcast we discuss defining your purpose and identifying the fuel behind it by creating a “Fire Statement”.  From the creation itself comes power and and clarity as you understand your own origin story, motives and true fuel that propel you into action and keep your flames of purpose ablaze.  I share my own moments of “wow” as I realized where my fire originated and then share my evolved Fire Statement as well as many belonging to members of The League of Dawnbreakers.

Show Notes:

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League Members who shared their Fire Statements:

Melissa Turner https://www.instagram.com/mel.turne730/

Jessie Larson of Positively Jessie https://www.instagram.com/positively.jessie/

Rachel Barker of Dear Rach and Wise Nutrition https://www.instagram.com/dear.rach/

Rebekah Anderson of Empowered By Us. https://www.instagram.com/empowered_by_us/

Cheryl Cardall of Fight Like a Mother https://www.instagram.com/cherylcardall/

Curtis Morley of Entrepreneur’s Paradox. https://www.instagram.com/speedclimb/