I have a treat for you today!  With permission I am sharing a Zoom call that I had with three members of The League of Dawnbreakers as we discuss remembering our divinity as well as exiting behaviors, mindsets or agreements that prevent us from aligning with our purpose and our Higher Power.  Kai A Pineda, Tiffany Sanchez, and Ember Pilati of The Emerge Empowered Podcast join me in a powerful discussion as part of our follow-up Zoom calls after our Dawnbreaker Gatherings to implement changes and act on challenges given.  We discuss how we sought to remember our divinity that week and the ripple effect that has had on what we choose to keep or exit in our lives whether that has to do with our bodies, parenting, marriage, friendships, business, etc.  Kai also introduces us to a mind-opening concept of understanding that until we see these things as gifts, we will wear them as curses.  Enjoy this sneak peak into the type of discussions we are having at Dawnbreakers.