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I start with what I do know and then I can move towards the things I want to know.

“This is what I do know.  I know that this body has carried me through the best of times and the worst of times. My legs have many miles and every one of those miles has a story.
And it is about my story, it’s about people’s story.  I only state facts and then I can state the things I want to know.  I want to know that people aren’t there to hurt me, that people are genuinely good, that these things are real.” – Rachel Barker

On today’s podcast episode I am happily back on my studio sofa across from my friend Rachel Barker of Dear Rach and Wise Nutrition for a very candid conversation as we explore Rachel’s lifelong journey with feeling unheard and invisible despite her own tireless efforts to give a voice to those who haven’t had one.  Rachel shares how growing up with a father with progressive Multiple Sclerosis and being raped as a teenager created trauma that altered the way she thinks, deals with other people, and views herself.  She openly shares about the work she is diving into even just this year to own her own hurt and to allow herself to experience full joy by getting help and letting others in.

Show Notes:

Dear Rach instagram https://www.instagram.com/dear.rach/ and website https://dearrach.com

Wise Nutrition instagram https://www.instagram.com/shopwisenutrition/ and website https://dearrach.com