Today my friends I am so honored to reshare a story from the LifeBeats Library with Dawnbreaker Vlada Bortnik, the founder of your favorite app Marco Polo.  We discuss gratitude and how we can instill that in our children, standing up for yourself, being a model to your children of meaningful living, connection as a key to happiness, what it means to live consciously unbalanced, and how we can give to the world by doing what makes us come alive personally.  (Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?!  It is!!!  You don’t want to miss this one.)
Vlada tells of immigrating from the Ukraine at the age of 10 and the lessons of gratitude and standing up for yourself that happened at a young age that took place in a grocery store full of food and a high school classroom facing her longtime bully.  She shares how she got hooked on making a big impact on the world through her internship at Microsoft where she met her husband that became her dream enabler, walking alongside her on a path to dream bigger.
Many circumstances influenced the conception of this social video communication app including becoming parents and finding in their happiness research that connection is key and wanting to find a way to maintain those close familiar relationships across the globe.  Vlada and I both share some incredible stories from users about how using Marco Polo has strengthened families and communities through enriching conversations that bring people together and help them feel seen and heard.
Vlada shares what it means to be consciously unbalanced in her life with roles of founder and mom and how having a minimal bar of time spent with her children and husband has allowed her to keep her priorities.  She also talks about modeling a life of gratitude and meaning in her parenting and how to discover for yourself what things make you come alive.
Listen and be inspired to foster deeper connections in your life, create realistic expectations in managing your time between family and work or passions, look for what gets you out of bed in the morning and make time for that, and model a life of gratitude and meaning for your children.
Show Notes:
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