Today my friends I am so honored to reshare a story from the LifeBeats Library with Dawnbreaker Chelsie Hightower of So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars as she shares her journey of finding peace with herself after years of battling anxiety and a misconception about strength.  You may not be a ballroom dancing diva but I imagine you can fit yourself inside of one or more of these scenarios that we address today:  1. Have you ever been a place where you have felt so much anxiety about something in your life that you have felt out of control, that you couldn’t make it anymore and would be broken forever?  2. Have you ever experienced living your dream or reaching a goal or doing something good in your life and you just still feel empty or miserable or disconnected from something you feel like you should truly love and that should make you happy.  3.  Have you had a misconception about strength, that it was simply pushing through something without allowing yourself to feel emotion or be you, not allowing any weakness to show?

Today Chelsie shares her life story addressing these three topics.  Listen and be inspired to have a different definition of strength, learn tools to move forward through anxiety, to be on a journey to find peace.

Show Notes:

Chelsie’s Instagram feed and Facebook page

Article on Chelsie’s anxiety story

Chelsie and Mark dancing to “Bleeding Heart” on SYTYCD

Chelsie on Dancing with the Stars