Al Fox Carraway Tattooed Mormon Christmas podcast discovering God answering prayers


On today’s special Christmas episode, Al Fox Carraway, motivational speaker and author, will be sharing her story of discovering God.   Growing up in New York Al prided herself on her independence and love for all people instilled in her by her parents.  Al shares the story of discovering for herself that God really existed, initially through the power of experimenting with prayer and trying to prove wrong those who were teaching her.  She tells of the fear she initially had that she would change into someone else when she already liked who she was.  She tells how this discovery of God and his desire to help us transformed her life, not only through the happiness and peace she felt, the overcoming of habits she thought she would be stuck with her whole life, and the uncovering of a completely new part of herself that she didn’t even know was there, but also through the loneliness she experienced as her friends and family rejected her for her new beliefs.  In her New Yorker way Al candidly answers my questions regarding how she could remain a believer despite all the difficulties that she has experienced since her discovery and commitment to God.  She shares how complete honest communication with God, including telling him when you are mad or confused, is the key to getting specific answers in our lives.  Al answers some of your questions including one from a listener who has left the faith of her family and wants to know how Al let her family know she loved them while sticking to her own beliefs.  As well as tells her secret about what she does to celebrate Christmas. Oh friends there is so much goodness in this episode through Al’s incredible perspective.   It will be a beautiful way to keep the Christmas spirit of hope, faith, and kindness this year.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who is wondering if God exists and why it is even worth pursuing.  It is perfect for someone who is going through difficulties and wants inspiration on how to get through them.  It is also just for someone looking to find answers from God and wondering if he hears them.  It is a absolute inspiration for someone who is looking to increase their own faith and relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  And of course it is perfect for those of you who love Al and want to hear more of her story and insights.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • what Al’s parents were like and what they taught her growing up in New York
  • what Al thought about God and religion before
  • what Al’s fear was about changing
  • Al agreeing to experiment with prayer just to prove those teaching her wrong
  • what people started noticing about her
  • what the most personal thing is that we can ask of someone
  • what to do with reoccurring thoughts about wondering ‘if there is something more? or is there someone listening?’
  • why did she feel a need for God
  • why she believes people are afraid of there being a God
  • when things fell apart after she was baptized including losing her friends and her dad stopping talking to her
  • my own period of time when I was angry with God
  • why she continued to believe in God after things fell apart
  • what her passion is and how she is able to pursue it
  • why she is glad God didn’t give her what she prayed for
  • what she would say to someone who doesn’t know if God is listening
  • why Al would say that Christmas should be a little about yourself
  • Al’s answers to listeners questions including one who left the faith of her family and wants to know how Al let her family know she loved them while holding tight to her own beliefs
  • how Al learned to trust God

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