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My Story- Amber Bull

So here goes! My experience was in essence short, but the lessons that I keep learning from

that time seem to be endless.

The last thing I remember on August 24, 2011 was getting my son Thomas (6) off to school (it

was his second day of first grade) and getting me, Nathan(4), and Emily(1) ready for the day. I

wore a yellow shirt and my favorite new skinny jeans. I was needing to get some errands done

and looking forward to shopping being so much easier with only two young kids instead of three.

This next part is only memories from what others have told me as I don’t really have any

recollection at all.

After completing what was needed at Kohls and Hobby Lobby here in Layton, as I attempted a

left hand turn onto main street, my car was stuck on my driver’s side by a Toyota Forerunner,

who was following close behind a car that was turning right into Kohls, as I was needing to turn

left. Neither of us must have seen each other. My small Pontiac Vibe was T-boned and pushed

across the road through oncoming traffic and only stopped by the fence on the other side. It

was a miracle that our car wasn’t hit again in that process. The other driver and my two children

were thankfully ok, but I was stuck in the car as my door and side of the car was completely

smashed in. After the fireman used the “jaws of life” to cut me out, I was life flighted to Ogden

Regional Hospital. I was taken to the ER, stabilized and assessed. But as many family members

gathered in the hospital waiting room, they were told that I would need emergency surgery due

to internal bleeding. Before being taken into the operation room, my priesthood holding family

members gathered around me and gave me a blessing. My dad is a faithful and humble man.

As the thoughts came to his mind to bless me “to be whole” he was wary to say it- afraid that

that was just his wish. But, the thought would not leave him and so that was the blessing I was

given. “To be whole.”

During the operation, lacerations were discovered on my liver and kidneys, my ruptured bladder

was repaired and my spleen of all things was removed. The many scans showed that much of

the left side of my body had been broken including my C1 vertebrae in my neck, cracks in my

skull, broken ribs caused a collapsed lung, and multiple (6) brakes to my pelvis. More injuries

were discovered later, but the life threatening ones were the ones focused on.

I was placed in a medically induced coma and on life support for several days during which time

my family was confronted with the seemingly endless possible outcomes resulting from my

many injuries. Including but not limited to: Blindness due to the cracks in my skull where there

was bleeding on my brain. The jarring from the accident had shaken my brain such as shaken

baby syndrome and could possibly leave my brain not functioning as before. I could wake up a

completely different person. But the main worry and very possible outcome was that the

majority of people who suffer breaks to their C1 vertebrae also suffer damage to their spinal

cord, which would mean being paralyzed from the neck down. (Christopher Reeves- Superman

broke his neck in the same vertebrae). And those are just what I can remember after the fact. I

feel blessed that I don’t remember any of that and always say that my family’s suffering was

more than mine ever was because I didn’t have to consider any of those outcomes for a loved


The first things that I do remember as I awoke from being in a coma, was family nearby and so

many doctors and nurses always coming in. But more than anything I remember a feeling of

comfort, instead of confusion. Even though I didn’t remember what had happened, I had the

overwhelming feeling that things, although they might be hard and require a lot of work, would

still be Ok. I didn’t know exactly what ok meant, but I trusted in that feeling. And after hearing

about the priesthood blessing that I had been given, my faith in the feeling that all would be well,

was strengthened. We had truly witnessed a miracle. I had been blessed to be whole but it

was not all at once like in the Bible. I didn’t immediately rise from my bed. I knew it was then

my turn to get to work.

I spent some time in the ICU, transferred down a level and then finished my hospital stay on the

rehabilitation floor at McKay Dee Hospital. Overall I spent around a month in the hospital away

from my family. That time was not easy on anyone and I am so grateful for everyone who

helped to take care of my kids and family. I’m not sure how Ryan even survived that time. He

was able to take a little time off from work in the beginning, But when he needed to return, He

would work during the day, rush home to play with the kids and help to get them to bed, then

afterwards come to be with me at the hospital, all while still serving in the bishopric. I feel so

very blessed to have him and such wonderful family who tried to make things as normal as

possible for my kids during such a hard time.

I remember being so excited to finally go home, even though my road to recovery had just

begun. I spent a month in my wheelchair waiting to heal before I could begin physical therapy,

but after that things moved really quite quickly. We were a bit worried when we found out that

my out patient physical therapist had never worked with anyone who had a C1 injury before-
explaining that “you usually don’t rehab back from a C1 break- it either leaves you dead or

paralyzed.” Hearing him say that made the realization hit again that we had truly witnessed a

miracle. To give a quick timeline: I went trick or treating with my kids in the wheelchair, attended

family thanksgiving with only my hot pink cane and by Christmas was walking pretty much


I remember as I was going to physical therapy that my leg muscles were so weak because I

hadn’t been able to use them for so long. In our townhome, all of the bedrooms were upstairs,

and one of my major goals was to get up and down the stairs by myself. After the PT showed

me how to attempt that, I remember standing at the bottom of the stairs and feeling like I had a

literal mountain before me that I was supposed to climb. And it was scary and near impossible

at first. But, my muscles grew stronger as I exerted effort and as I put in the work. It was one of

the hardest things I have had to do, but I knew it was the only way to get to where I wanted to

be. I wanted to be walking, to be able to take care of my family. I realized that the pain and

work were necessary. I wish it was as easy in spiritual (emotional) hard times to keep that

perspective. That things are hard, but necessary for to get us where we want to be, back with

our Father in Heaven.

Even from the beginning, to look at me, you wouldn’t be able to see the injuries that I had

sustained. On the outside I looked a bit bruised at best but on the inside I was mostly broken.

Every morning I wake up and my body, even after five years, is still incredibly stiff and sore. As

the day progresses, so does the intense pain in my neck. (which has been fused and leaves me

with limited range). But I can walk! And I can be a mom to my kids! I try to remember to use that

remaining pain as a reminder. A reminder of God’s mercy a reminder to always be thankful and

a reminder to not judge others. We can never really know what someone else is going through,

we can’t always see their pain, whether physical or emotional or know the challenges in life they

are dealing with. But we can always be kind and grateful. We are all in this together and trying

to doing our best!

Often I feel undeserving to have witnessed this physical miracle when so many other’s prayers,

who ARE ALSO heard, are answered in different ways. I hope my story is a reminder of God’s

loving mercy and that miracles ARE real. He knows us and what we are going through.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that His love for us and His power to heal us are REAL.

We need to hear stories that bring us hope and strengthen our trust in Him and I thank you for

giving me a place to share my story!

#lifebeatsforme 🙂

Shared by Amber Bull – @memorabull on Instagram


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