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On today’s podcast I have someone who has supported me from the very beginning, one of my first guests.  Ashley Reeves of Ashley’s Fresh Fix shares her story of being a young girl and a teen that was teased because of her size and height, experiencing it on her own having decided not to share them with anyone.  She shares several stories of others’ unkindness: a prank call from a boy, purchasing a stolen car, and a friend who took advantage of her financially – and her decision to extend empathy and maintain her own inner peace despite the unkindness of others, not wanting to give them anything more from her.  She then shares her journey of learning to love her own body for what it is capable of, and her passion to tell others that God has given you the body that you need to fulfill your life’s purpose, no matter what it looks like, the size, or its ability.  Your body is what you need!  She talks about her 10 day Better Body Love course and how she can help shift your mindset to loving your body, choosing to love you body now, even moving forward without regret of how you treated it in the past.

Listen and be inspired to extend kindness to those who would cause you harm, find inner peace when others are unkind to you, know that it is never too late to live without regrets,  and love your body for what it can do in helping you fulfill your life’s purpose.

Show Notes:

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