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Today’s podcast is my first full solocast as I have the opportunity to share more of my own story and my passion behind The LifeBeats Project.  Friends you are gonna hear some nerves in there!  Find out some fun random things about me, including hearing my theme song.  I share something that was said said to me in high school that has affected my self-esteem and has had me questioning whether I was great at anything for years and how I finally came to see that I did have a superpower and it was ok to embrace that I was great at something.  I tell of Mike’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and what saved me that day we got the news.  I share times of anger in my life and how I felt peace.  I also reveal the struggle as I transitioned from stay at home mom to sole provider and what I have learned about myself along the way.  I share where the inspiration for The LifeBeats Project began and why the phases of the moon have served as a visual reminder of what I want you to glean from this movement and what is in store for it next.   Thank you to those who asked questions and I was happy to answer them.  I hope you can feel my passion for letting you know how amazing you are through my words.


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