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For this week’s podcast episode I have selected the Top 5 episodes that have transformed my life and changed the way I think, the words I use, and how I view myself and my world: from an answer to my healthy journey woes -to- how to start my day prepared for what it will through at me -to- giving myself grace for setbacks to learning to honor the dark times of life as much as the light -to- taking time to not only consume but to process and discuss what we are consuming, to see that there is growth in the silence -and to realize that my children learn more from their observations of how I live my life than what I tell them.

These 5 highlighted episodes are a great place to start for a new listener!

Listen and be inspired to look at see what transformational lessons you have learned from the content you consume.

Show Notes:

Preventing perfectionism from robbing us of growth and how to neutralize emotions behind food | with Monica Packer of About Progress (TLBP #75)

The transformative power of dressing to your strength and recognizing resistance with Stasia Savasuk of Stasia’s Style School (TLBP #15)

Pivoting from just existing in the status quo to truly living in purpose and with passion | with Tahaji Felder of Goose & Gander Brand (TLBP #36)

Learning connection through being broken open: how cancer gave me my voice | with Michelle Marthia of Heal Courageously (TLBP #26)

Unlearning everything you know to learn about your true self and to connect as a couple | with Karan and Kerry Bajaj (TLBP #24)

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