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Today’s episode will have you feeling like you can take on the world.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the boss babe herself, Courtney Brown, the founder and CEO of Cents of Style, an online multi million dollar women’s fashion accessories company.  Courtney was one of the very first people to encourage me to create The LifeBeats Project Podcast and agreed right then to be one of my first guests.  Today she is rallying for you and sharing how creating vision and finding your tribe will help you keep going to create a bold and full life.  She shares the role Cents of Style played in finding fulfillment outside of motherhood and discusses a refreshing challenge to the common picturesque idealistic Pinterest view of motherhood our culture has embraced.   She opens up to share her struggle of not feeling enough to her children and to her business and how she works to combat those feelings on a daily basis.  We also discuss how to handle criticism that will inevitably come when you open yourself up to the world and how you possess the power to do hard things and show up in your own life.

Want to know if this episode is for you?  This episode is perfect for a mom ready to take time for herself and find fulfillment in pursuing a passion or talent, a working mom battling with whether she is enough, someone seeking greater success in their business, or anyone looking for motivation to do something hard in their life.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • her struggle to be able to have a baby and their path of adoption
  • her manta of ‘don’t tell me I can’t do something, I’m going to figure out a way to do it
  • her perplexed feelings after adopting their daughter of not feeling fulfilled that led to her pursuit of fulfillment outside of motherhood
  • her lifelong love for fashion, particularly affordable fashion
  • the beginnings of Cents of Style to fill the void of online affordable fashion
  • her struggle of not feeling enough
  • the role business plays in fulfilling her desire for measurable success
  • that there are 1000s of ways to mother and 1000s of different children to mother
  • her incredibly supportive husband and the special bonds he has created with their children
  • that’s its okay for women to be the bread winners
  • role of confident mother’s have on raising confident daughters
  • the metaphor of a cross-fit exercise in Hawaii as a representation of Courtney’s entrepreneurship and business
  • her story is not one of overnight success; the fruits of not giving up and not cutting corners
  • how to know if you are on the right track with your business
  • three things to inspire people to keep going when they may be ready to give up
  • the power of vision, goal setting and finding your tribe
  • the mission of Cents of Style to help women lead full and beautiful lives
  • life lessons from the musical Hamilton; being present in your life and being willing to stand up for what you believe
  • dealing with criticism and choosing to follow your vision knowing criticism will come
  • Briana’s experience with a hurtful comment that nearly stopped her from launching this podcast
  • her love to encourage others and how she was instrumental in my pursuing of The LifeBeats Project podcast
  • the power of connection and realizing that everyone is going through something hard
  • latest Cents of Style focus on story telling with their products
  • how to receive promotions on Cents of Style products


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