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If you have ever felt lost, broken, alone, unworthy of love, or that you were simultaneously living two different lives, then today’s podcast is for you. Darla Day is beauty and grace not only as a performer but as a coach, mentor and founder of The Aeries Arial Art School and the non-profit 90 and 9. Darla shares her own journey of a phoenix rising from the ashes that is the catalyst for the show Fighter that she and her musician husband Nik Day created as they seek to support the prevention of suicide and awareness of mental health through the arts. Their non-profit 90 and 9 focuses on the one, helping each person learn that they have a place, that their ideas matter and have worth, and provides opportunities through the arts to foster that. Darla shares her life walk as a black sheep, one that felt a constant inability or desire to conform that led her to feeling like a misfit in her own home growing up and that she was constantly failing. These feelings along with hard circumstances in her life with those who were supposed to be protecting her led to her running away from home at the age of 17. She was seeking love and to feel validated. She shares her journey of finding a destiny and purpose in the aerial arts and mentoring but how a refusal to face her underlying issues led to a double life of alcoholism that finally seeped out into depression and thoughts of suicide. She shares the paradigm shift that occurred in her life that led her to embrace her ability to choose death or life and to live to help others.

Listen and be inspired to foster an environment of safety and love for others, live in the present and look inward to find satisfaction and freedom as you recognize the power that comes from choice, and utilize the lessons that come from trials to help others.

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