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Tiffini and Jason Denham together courageously share their story that has never been told publicly before, their 14 year long journey of marriage including a decade of emotional abuse endured by Tiffini as a result of Jason’s wake of explosive anger, followed by silence, and his hidden pornography addiction, and what they have battled through and for to build a new marriage based upon their separate personal discovery of who they are as an individual, breaking patterns of co-dependency, focusing on their relationship with their Higher Power, Jesus Christ, and being patient through their process of forgiveness, regaining trust, and absolute dedication to reconnection to one another.   And friends they do this by sitting side by side, holding hands on my sofa in my studio, exchanging glances, breathing deeply as they answer some tough questions I felt nervous asking.  Tiffini shares how she had reached a point in which her physical health broke as a result of her emotional abuse that she left a note for Jason and left with her children knowing she would never come back.  She tells why she decided to give it another chance and what she and Jason both learned and did to be able to heal separately in order to reconnect and create a stronger relationship together. Jason shares some incredible insights on what he needed to do to look at life, love, and even religion in new ways.  I was absolutely fascinated at what that process looked like for him.  They also share that they are able to now say that they are both completely new individuals and their future is bright together.  Listen and be inspired to discover for yourself the power that can come from learning of your own worth in order to strengthen your relationship with those you love.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This podcast is perfect for someone who has healing to do from a relationship and is looking for inspiration on what one couple did to heal and reconnect.  It is also perfect for someone seeking to understand one perspective from an abuser and pornography addict and what helped him to change and see life & love with new eyes.  It is also perfect for someone wanting to incorporate faith into their healing process.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • why Tiffini called their first year of marriage a gift
  • what changed after 1 1/2 years and how Jason’s feeling loss after a rejection put Tiffini in the crosshairs
  • a wake of emotional abuse Tiffini endured for over a decade – what that looked like and how she kept going
  • why Jason was not aware of the effects he had on Tiffini
  • what was the very first thing that Jason did to start changing his life
  • how the emotional abuse Tiffini had endured finally broke her physical health causing her to be in bed most days
  • the point Tiffini left a note for Jason and took the kids and left knowing she would never return and would file for divorce
  • why Jason was confused and surprised that Tiffini had left
  • the effect that Jason confessing an addiction to pornography on and off throughout their marriage had on Tiffini’s feelings of worth
  • why Tiffini would give their marriage a second chance
  • what co-dependency looked like for both of them
  • the power of emotional release for Tiffini
  • how Tiffini and Jason both had to heal individually before they could reconnect
  • how faith in Jesus Christ was central to their healing
  • how Jason had to let go of control and how he discovered who he was
  • when Tiffini finally allowed anger to surface
  • their suggestions to couples on how to create reconnection
  • the role of positive music and elevated thoughts in Jason’s healing his addiction to pornography
  • the importance of remembering that mistakes will come but to celebrate the small successes as you progress

Show Notes:

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