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Today I am honored to introduce you to Emily Brady who shares her and her husband’s battle with male factor infertility and their journey to bring two children of their own into their family.   With a desire to bring a third baby to their family but left without the finances to do so, Emily wondered for years how they could do it.  Emily shares her decision to become a gestational carrier as the means to bring another baby into their family.  She tells of the lengthy process of being matched with a family and her advice to others considering the experience.  She shares the emotions she experienced along the way, including what it felt like to carry and deliver someone else’s baby, as well as the surprisingly most difficult part, the weeks after the birth, and how she was able to cope.  You will be moved by her incredible story of blessing the lives of another family as she blesses her own.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone interested in learning about becoming or hiring a gestational carrier as well as someone wanting to know more about male factor infertility.  It is also perfect for someone looking for hope to overcome a big obstacle in their life.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • why they began getting tested for infertility and what they discovered
  • what the process of in-vitro is like emotionally and physically
  • how if felt to find out she was pregnant for the first time
  • their second round of in-vitro and why Emily thought she had lost the baby
  • how Emily felt after having her second baby
  • the journey of deciding to become a gestational carrier and why her husband was hesitant for months
  • the process of being matched to a family
  • what you should make sure to discuss with the intended parents before moving forward
  • the requirements and discussions between Emily and the intended parents
  • the difference between a surrogate and a gestational carrier
  • the mental preparedness involved in being a gestational carrier so as to confuse yourself that this is your baby
  • her feelings and experiences during pregnancy
  • why this pregnancy was harder than her own pregnancies
  • her relationship with the intended mother
  • how and what she told her kids
  • her feelings upon the birth and the difficulties that came in the weeks after
  • when they will try their third round of in-vitro

Show Notes:

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