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On today’s podcast episode I am so excited to introduce you to another empowering guest.  Fatty Dedrickson of the blog Style Fit Fatty shares her journey of embracing who she is, the gifts she can share, working to find solutions, and stepping out of her comfort zone to achieve your goals and create connections in your life.  Fatty tells of coming to the United States from Sweden for as a collegiate athlete not speaking any English or knowing anyone.  She recounts the moments of discouragement and the decision she made that changed her path.  She shares more of her story including the sacrifice and determination for a year after her baby was born to train and race in the Swedish nationals in the midst of combatting defeatist thoughts and obstacles.  Her message is to inspire other moms to follow their dreams and to remind us that we can achieve anything as long as we are looking for solutions and willing to put in the work.  She shares her experiences as a mom battling guilt, searching out ways to help her son with a speech delay, and working to build her own mom village after moving to a new state.  We discuss the role of social media and comparison in robbing ourselves of blessings and how we can be confident in our own gifts and journey as well as how we can create the support and tribe we desire by simply beginning by being a friend ourselves.

Listen and be inspired to step outside of our comfort zone and embrace what we have to offer to the world, put in the work it will take to get what we want, look for solutions in the problems in our lives, and create connections by treating others the way we want to be treated.

Show Notes:

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