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Today on the podcast we have another interview coming from the party place, the Stiry Studio in Stiry HQ.  I am so excited to introduce you to speaker, author, and media contributor Ganel-Lyn Condie as we open the conversation up to remind us all that we are each needed, this world needs you, we need you, and no one would be better without you and that you are enough, and the work you are doing and what you are going through is important and often sacred.  Ganel-Lyn shares her story of losing her sister at the age of 40 to suicide and how it was a catalyst to sharing these crucial messages to women. She speaks of recognizing seasons in our lives, how we need to be aware of how we are speaking to ourselves, and the level of love we have for ourselves which indicates how much love we can give to others.

She tells of the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in her work as she battled infertility, issues with her son, grief from losing her sister, and her own health challenges with Lupus.  

She speaks of having vulnerability with boundaries as well as showing vulnerability in the context of a parent- child relationship.  She emphasizes the importance of not only sharing our journeys with others through speaking from scars and not wounds, but also making sure to document the pain and miracles through journal writing.  

Ganel-Lyn expresses her belief of how important these conversations are to have with our families and sends out a loving plea to those who are  suffering from depression or anxiety, that we are all fighting something and we know that you are tired but we need you and we’re not better with out you and you’re learning things that are going to help teach us.  She speaks of the tools of gratitude and accountability that are making an impact in her life.

Show Notes:

Ganel-Lyn’s website

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Ganel-lyn’s books


Listen and be inspired to catch a glimpse of our own greatness, to see that we are needed & irreplaceable, to have these open conversations with our families, and the work we are each doing is important and sacred.