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Friends today we will be discussing ideas of why and how we bury our feelings and through what means do we seek to gain control in our lives. As well as the resiliency of the human spirit and learning what it is capable of both good and bad.  Due to some of the things we will discuss, you may want to be mindful of little ears listening in.  This week I have the absolute honor of bringing you another story that has remained untold but whom my friend has entrusted me to share with the world.  Artist and graphic designer Hannah Bleak of Bleak Designs shares the story of her 8 year drug addiction that nearly took her life.  Its a story of trying to bury feelings, a story of anxiety, of trying to get control.  But it is also a story of resilience and acceptance.  Hannah shares the freedom from anxiety she first experienced when she began experimenting with drugs and why she loved being invisible.  She tells of raiding medicine cabinets at parties, beginning to deal drugs, and how that feeling of control she first felt transformed into a feeling of out of control as she began waking up in houses she did not know with people she had never met and seeing videos of herself doing things she never thought she was capable of.  She shares why she decided to quit and the journey of withdrawal and trying to stay clean, including the roles of several people who helped save her life.  She tells how she was able to start coping and healing, what she learned about herself and how she has come out of the darkness to start seeing things in a different way.

Listen and be inspired to evaluate the things in your life that you may be doing to create control that may be leading you to actually losing control and how we can give grace more to others as we just don’t know what they are going through.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who wants to break free from burying emotions, especially through substance abuse or perfect for someone who wants to understand more from a perspective of

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