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This podcast interview is for anyone who has struggled with feelings of despair or have wondered how the concepts of hope, faith, and power can feel more tangible and applicable in their life. Hugh Vail of The Clapham Foundation from Season 1 is back for a 2.0 interview.  His previous interview is in our Top 5 most downloaded episodes.   We often use these terms of hope, faith, and power with varying connotations that may not be the most accurate or the best use of the words.  Today we really deconstruct their meaning by using the source of definition of Hugh’s choosing, ancient Greek.  So fascinating.  I learned so much; how one word in our language, defined in Greek, paints an entire beautiful picture.

We also discuss the process Hugh goes through in training mustangs, these wild horses, to become what he calls a war horse.   Through calculated pressure these horses learn that they are safe and become ready to ride into battle, just as we are, entering the battlefield of life where there are a lot of sharp things pointing at us.  Imagine going into legitimate, terrible circumstances undaunted and with kindness and gentleness.We also talk about his criteria for answering the question of ‘how do I score my life’,  and understanding that it’s critical to know how we evaluate ourselves, how we evaluate how we are doing in trying to become the people that we want to be, to become good people.  He shares the six criteria that he uses to score how he’s doing it, becoming what he calls, a virtuous person.We also talk about the word of repentance and how it actually means to re-aim, an absolutely fascinating way to redefine this principle. I’m excited for you guys to dive in this with us.


Listen and be inspired to redefine the meaning of hope, faith, and power in your life, to see that there is a tangible way of looking at hope and faith and the virtue of remembering as means to climbing out of despair or entering the battlefield of life undaunted, to explore what criteria you use to score or evaluate your life, and to look at the creation of confidence through calculated pressure.

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