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On today’s podcast episode, Briana is broadcasting from her trip in Italy with her mom and her sisters.  They discuss the power of proximity in our digital world and the importance of strengthening relationships by taking time to be together in person.  They also share their experience with doing restorative yoga in Tuscany and how speaking of your soul as a separate entity or third person can bring attention to identifying what you yourself need.  Briana’s sister Liz shares about her discovery for the need of self-care as she has deals with her recent diagnosis of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome).  Briana’s mom Teresa shares about her understanding of the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation as she works through strained relationships in her own family.

Listen and be inspired to identify where you need to let the power of proximity work in your life, see your soul in the third person perspective to help you identify your own needs, and find a place of peace in your relationship through forgiveness and/or reconciliation.

Briana’s Instagram feed @lifebeatsproject, highlight “Italy” to see more of her trip