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This week I am privileged to share a story of beautiful courage but one of tremendous pain.  My longtime dear friend Janae openly shares about the pornography addiction and affair of her husband’s that not only ended their marriage but nearly robbed her of any sense of self worth or dignity.  She tells of their young love and the man she fell in with, how he knocked her off of her feet and made her feel special.  She tells of the things that began happening after they had children and the distance that began to emotionally separate she and her husband as well as the looming feeling that something was wrong but left unsaid.  She tells of her attempts to satisfy his requests intimately and how pornography destroyed her efforts and changed him.  She shares her heartache – of feeling emotionally and intimately unable to connect with him, of learning of his affair, of heading down a path to losing herself and self-respect, of letting him go.  She speaks to other women who may be enduring these same pains by sharing her regret as well as those things she would have told herself if she could go back in time.  The grace and the bravery with which she share such details of her life to help others who may be suffering is truly inspiring and will have you evaluating the amount of self respect you are affording yourself in your own relationships and will leave you with a greater compassion for others.  Friends I ask for you to listen with a loving and charitable heart as she share HER story.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone whose spouse or loved one is battling with a pornography addiction, for someone who would like to know an experience of how pornography affected a marriage or relationship, for someone wanting to learn compassion for others, and for someone battling the addition themselves and wondering how it would effect themselves and their relationships

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • what brings her joy now
  • what she wanted to be when she was little
  • how she met her husband when she was 14 and how he “knocked her off of her feet”
  • what was different about him
  • what she loved about him and how he made her feel
  • what happened after they married and had children
  • how did distance start to come between them
  • what did you enjoy most about being a young family
  • why did she struggle with intimacy and what were the suggestions and demands he put on her
  • why did she have a feeling of dread
  • how did he tell her he was having an affair
  • how did she handle the news
  • what did she do to try to make things work
  • how did he tell her of his addiction to masterbation and pornography
  • how did it change him and the way he acted
  • why she thinks pornography is not manly
  • what is her regret
  • what does she think would have saved their marriage
  • what was she not willing to give up
  • how did she know it was time to let him go
  • what she would say to herself if she could go back in time
  • what she would say to other women suffering from this situation
  • how has this effected how she sees herself
  • what good has come from this experience


Show Notes:

“The School of Essential Ingredients” book

“The Light Between Oceans” book

“The Poisonwood Bible” book