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Today’s episode I have the honor to introduce you to Jen Springer of Classy Cozmetics as she shares about her 10 year struggle with depression, how she got help, and the tools that sustain her daily in overcoming it.  She also shares incredible advice of how to support and help a friend or a spouse who is suffering from depression.  You will walk away with an amazing hope.

Be sure to stay tuned after the interview as I reveal the two stories that have been selected through our Story Search and how you can march with me in an upcoming MS Walk.

Want to know if this podcast is for you? This episode is perfect for someone wondering if they have crossed the line between normal ups and downs to a depression to requires help, for someone ready to put in the work to make changes in their life, or for someone who wants to know how to help a friend or a spouse who may have depression.

What is this episode all about?  In this episode you will learn about:

  • what it feels like to have depression
  • how Jen was lovingly approached by a friend to help her see the depression
  • how she found help and what steps she took and what things you should avoid
  • the story of your two wolves
  • how her opinion about medication changed
  • her disappointment right after starting her medication
  • the tools on her tool belt that help or hinder her
  • what she loved seeing again after things began to turn around
  • what things her husband did that helped and didn’t help
  • how to support a friend or a spouse with depression
  • how to not get burdened by the heaviness of someone’s depression
  • how she talks to her own children about depression
  • what are triggers and her defense mechanisms
  • the hope that is there for you or someone you love


Show Notes

“I had a black dog, his name was depression”  Video by World Health Organization

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