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Today I have the honor of bringing you another video podcast episode in the Stiry Studio with another inspiring and life conquering guest. Jodi Orgill Brown is a national speaker, non-profit consultant, and author whose life experiences have taught her the importance of the unique worth of each individual,  taking charge of our own lives, cherish each day and each relationship, as well as pressing on to find a new normal.  During her “white picket fence” time of life, she calls it, in which she had the husband, kids, schooling, certification, had her dream job, house, she began to have debilitating symptoms that revealed a brain stem tumor that her doctor told her he wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.  After having her scans distributed throughout the world, the unique connections of one individual brought her to a doctor who saved her life.  Complications after multiple brain surgeries resulted in facial paralysis and a serious infection that nearly took her life and brought her to a place in which she had to make a decision to live and take charge of her own life.  After leaving the hospital she also left with the very same symptoms that brought her there, the nerve damage had been done and she found herself dealing with depression but once again found a determination to press on to find a new normal and be a part of the solution to help others dealing with depression by writing a book.

Listen and be inspired to have gratitude for the every day things and people in your life, see the worth of each individual and the unique value they contribute, trust your inner voice and take charge of your own life, be a part of the solution, and to press on in new life circumstances and find your new normal.

Show Notes:

Jodi’s website

Jodi’s social media: Facebook, Instagram

Email Jodi: [email protected]

Jodi’s books: “The Sun Still Shines: How a Brain Tumor Helped Me See the Light” and “Rise Above Depression: Encouragement and Tips From Those Who Do It Everyday”

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