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Kai A Pineda is a wife, pastor, singer, ministry leader, and youth speaker.  She shares her story of learning to follow the direction of God in her life, allowing Him to guide her to create something far greater than what she had in mind.  Kai tells of growing up in a home in filled with all different kinds of music – from Bach to Billie Holliday to LL Cool J – and writing her first song at the age of 12.  She tells of seeking out her dream of Grammy’s and fame in New York with associates like a little group known as Destiny’s Child, to becoming a part of a gospel singing group in Germany, to knowing that God was calling her to preach and be a pastor.  Kai shares her journey of coming back to her relationship to God and coming to know her purpose despite her 30 year struggle with low self-esteem as well as dealing with the loss of her husband which brought out feelings of anger toward God she had to overcome.  Kai shares how until she finally loved herself, she wasn’t able to truly give or receive love.  Kai tells how love found her through her current husband and the joy she now feels having found her purpose in sharing God’s love for others through preaching His word and the stronghold He must have in our thoughts.  She finishes off with singing one of my favorite songs from her new album Unshakeable called “To You Who Are Faithful”.  Listen and be ready to laugh alongside us and be inspired to live your life’s purpose no matter where it takes you.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who is looking to feel God’s love and purpose in their life and are willing to let Him guide their life.  This episode is also perfect for someone who has struggled with long-term low self-esteem and who is ready to finally feel the depth of relationships they desire.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • Kai singing and dancing at a very young age
  • at the age of 12 she wrote her first song “Runaway Love”
  • her home being filled with all different kinds of music – Bach, Bono, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday
  • why she moved to New York City even though she didn’t know anyone
  • how she ended up working with a major music publishing house and worked with Destiny’s Child
  • why she didn’t sleep for a year and when her mother did not recognize her when she came home
  • how she learned that she needed to quit the music business
  • how her insomnia broke her open and reconnecting with God
  • how being an extra in a movie led to her touring in Germany in a gospel choir
  • why she starts laughing when she hears God calling her to preach
  • her 30 year battle with low self-esteem and twisting words to demean herself
  • how fasting for 2 weeks finally helped her to love herself
  • her two years at a bible college and why it was the best two years
  • finding love after her first husband passed away and after she kept rejecting love
  • why she had a time of anger toward her first husband and God
  • what type of stronghold you have in your life
  • where Kai’s feels the most satisfaction in life
  • my top 3 favorite songs from Kai’s new album “Unshakeable”
  • Kai sings my favorite “To You Who Are Faithful”
  • about Kai and her husband planting churches and how Kai views the definition of “church”


Show Notes:

Kai’s website

Kai’s Instagram feed, Facebook page, and Twitter feed

Where to download Kai’s music – metoomusic

Genesis 18 – Sarah laughing


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