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Katrina Morriss of the blog Operation Orphan No More shares her story of trying to find beauty in the rain while waiting for her rainbow during her 5 year fight to bring home her special needs daughter Natasha from Russia through adoption.  She tells of the beautiful experience finally visiting her in Russia and of completing all of required paperwork only to be cruelly separated from her due to the Russian ban on adoptions from American families.  Katrina has marched on Washington, spoken in front of Congress, been on Russian news and documentaries, American documentaries, and has organized many letter writing campaigns – all in an effort to not let these children who have been caught in the ban become forgotten.  She shares how she always has loved happy endings and how she has had to work hard to be happy where she is at even though she has not received the happy ending she was expecting.  She tells of a miracle in which a series of strangers helped transport hats as Christmas gifts from the United States all the way to Natasha’s orphanage and how this story has now become a children’s book.  Katrina why she has now shifted her focus to what she can control, supporting organizations in Russia that provide resources to families with Down Syndrome children, and how this book is doing just that, and that the best way to help orphans is to keep them from becoming orphans in the first place.  One of most touching parts of the podcast is when Katrina tells of reading their children’s book to her daughter Nevaeh who did not understand why this story didn’t have a happy ending either.  Katrina teaches her the importance of sad stories getting told and how sad stories have good parts in them too.  Listen and be inspired to focus on the happy things in your life instead of the unfairness or heartaches in the world, to see what you can do in your circle of influence, and how you are making a difference.

This podcast episode is perfect for someone who has been struggling for a long time waiting for something that hasn’t happened yet, their happy ending, or for someone who’s path has gone an unexpected direction.  It will help them to see that they can find happiness now and focus on the things that they can control.  It is perfect for someone who wants to learn more about the Russian adoption ban on American families and what it is like in Russia for some children with Down Syndrome.

Show Notes:

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