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Have you ever felt utterly alone?  I am back in the interviewer chair with special guest Kayd Burton who tenderly shares his story of sitting in utter loneliness after the loss of his wife and kids to divorce, his home, career, passion, and religion and how he began to reframe his life to finally feel seen, loved, and free.  We explore his Dawnbreaker journey and the role of darkness and pain as an awakening to let go of our previous self and how the tools of deconstruction, personality typing, and radical honesty have transformed his life.  We discuss self-deceit, the incongruency between the life we feel like we ought to be living and the life that is real, and the freedom and safety that comes from showing up as we are.

Show Notes:

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” Yoda

“Untethered soul” by Michael Singer.  https://www.amazon.com/The-Untethered-Soul-audiobook/dp/B006KZ8EBQ/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1NZ1XMRQKO68O&keywords=untethered+soul+by+michael+singer&qid=1646780802&sprefix=untether%2Caps%2C226&sr=8-1

“Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck .   https://www.amazon.com/Road-Less-Traveled-Timeless-Traditional/dp/0743243153?ref_=nav_custrec_signin&

Contact Kayd:

Telegram: @rebrand_your_life

Email: [email protected]

Kayd’s Outdoor Adventure Guiding Company: Sticks and Stones Adventures  .  https://www.sticksandstonesadventures.com/#/