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Friends on today’s episode you will feel one flip of your fin closer to your dreams as I introduce you to Lauren Elizabeth of Hello Whimzy, a real life stay at home mermaid.  Lauren shares with us the importance of keeping the magical and dreaming aspects of our lives alive by looking at conflicts as adventures and doing those things that set our soul on fire, or send Kool Aid through our veins as she says.  Lauren tells of the example of her puddle jumping mother who showed her that happiness was a choice and life was worth living and full of opportunities through taking risks, embracing failure, working hard, laughing long, and dreaming big.   Lauren shares Walt Disney’s 4 attributes of success that separate the lame from the legendary and how she applied them in her own life with her Princess Party business and her Whimzy mermaid character and children’s book.  She tells of her desire to be an inspiration to others that look at her and say, ‘well if she can get away with being a mermaid, what can I get away with?  maybe I will take that leap.  “whether that is a song or book you’ve always wanted to write or a job you’ve always wanted to pursue.  Listen and be inspired to know how you can begin to make those dreams inside of you be more than wishes on your birthday candles but real and a nourishing part for your soul that will make you better for yourself, your family, and society.

Want to know if this episode it for you?  This episode is perfect for someone who needs a little encouragement to pursue their dreams or wants to keep more of the magic of childhood as an adult.  It is perfect for someone looking to discover what that thing is that will set their soul on fire and needs a little push to realize that taking time for themselves will bless all aspects of their lives!

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • how Lauren’s mom brought the magical into her childhood by doing adventures with them
  • learning that happiness is a choice from her mom
  • learning to see conflict as just an adventure and makes your happily ever after sweeter
  • how Lauren helped others to laugh and feel at ease in high school and why she had a firm self identity
  • how her parents taught her to take risks and how she is teaching that to her own children now
  • how dreaming big and taking risks played a key role in the development of her Princess Party business
  • the little girl who shaped Lauren’s business
  • her goal to help every girl know they can be whomever they want to be and that they are Daughters of a King
  • how we can keep the magic of childhood as an adult
  • embracing time for ourselves and pursuing our dreams
  • what is whimzy and why we need it
  • Walt Disney’s 4 attributes of success: Believe, Dream, Think, and Dare
  • how she became a Stay at Home Mermaid
  • her hope to inspire others : if she can be a mermaid, what can I get away with?
  • where to begin to find your whimsy
  • her children’s book and mermaid character Whimsy


Show Notes:

Hello Whimzy website

Hello Whimzy Instagram feed and Facebook page

Email Lauren at [email protected]

Purchase Lauren’s book “Whimzy & Fable: Fairy Best Friends” at a discount here

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