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Join in the movement. Share your story!! I am sooooo excited to give any and all of you a chance to share your story. As of right now I am able to only share one story a week with you on my podcast. I’ll never get through tell the stories of the world that way so here is my chance. I would love all of you to briefly share a piece of your story on  or Facebook, whatever that looks like. And then share what this has taught you about yourself and how has it changed the way you see yourself and the world around you. Share it in writing, share it in a video. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign saying #lifebeatsforme. Write your own or download mine by clicking on the button in the sidebar.  Lets be the spark to break down barriers between us, fight the urge to not share, you are so worthy of inspiring others with your story. You need to recognize its worth and they need to hear it. Allow the LifeBeats within you a chance to reach out to others and to connect and resonate with the LifeBeats of others. What you have gone through, what you are doing now, the good you are doing in the world, the struggle you are currently in, your own journey is worthy of inspiring others right where you are. Be sure to tag your story with #lifebeatsforme and @lifebeatsproject so that myself and others can find them. Each Friday I will be selecting one of your stories to share on my Instagram and Facebook pages.
I cannot wait to read your stories. The world needs you.

I will begin by sharing just a piece of my story:

“My name is Briana Johnson. In high school I had a well meaning mentor tell me I was the jack of all trades but master at none. I have carried that with me my whole life as I tried my hand at developing and exploring my never ending list of passions and hobbies and worked hard at being a wife and mother, feeling I was good at things but never good enough, never great. In 2009 my husband stopped being able to swallow. The day we found out that we were pregnant with our fourth baby was the same day we found out my husband had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Our world was turned upside-down and our dreams felt as if they were slipping through our fingers. The hardest journey was ahead of me but one that would finally show me what my passion is and what I am great at: loving people and seeing them for who they truly are. As I began to share in a very vulnerable way our journey of difficulty and adjustment on my personal blog and how we were making it through, something beautiful happened. People began to share their stories with me and my eyes were opened to how incredible every single person is and how their story is worthy of inspiring others right where they are on their journey! I began to see that this was finally something I was great at, seeing the extraordinary in people and having a passion for helping them to see it too. And so this laid the foundation of my podcast! My life has been transformed by finally feeling confident in my gift, knowing that by sharing it I can help illuminate the goodness that exists in others.”

Now its your turn!! Share a piece of your story.
To hear more about how I will be helping you discover and expand on your story, be sure to listen to today’s podcast called “LifeLine: a new series to help you discover your own story and illuminate the extraordinary within.” Click here to listen

Can’t wait to read your story! Share:)