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If you’re new to The LifeBeats Project this is a great first episode to introduce you to this podcast.  On this LifeLine episode we will discuss this idea of LifeBeats, how to avoid the isolation trap, more of my personal story that inspired this work, how the painting I had imagined for my life looks very differently than I had imagined, how sparks of action can save you from self-sabotage and barbed-wire fenced dreams, and one uncomfortable challenge that can change the way you see yourself.

What is this episode about?   In this episode you will learn about:

  • idea of our vision of our life as a painting
  • what are LifeBeats
  • my invitation to listening to the podcast with an openness to learn and connect with someone else’s story
  • the isolation trap
  • how we can be resources, tools, and community for each other
  • invitation to look for connection in your own community, own life, invite people into your home
  • how our life changed in 2009
  • how my painting of my life felt as if it had been erased
  • finding out I was pregnant the very same day Mike was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
  • mad at God but did not doubt in Him, I doubted in myself
  • battling self-sabotaging thoughts
  • how I needed to break down the wall around my heart and the barbed-wire fence around my dreams
  • how I didn’t let myself dream or hope after Mike’s diagnosis
  • how sparks of action brought big change
  • invitation to write down your sparks
  • how we can change the way we look at our painting of our life to not focus on external circumstances but how we have been transformed
  • challenge of seeing yourself as you are, perhaps for the first time

Show Notes:

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