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On today’s LifeLine podcast episode designed to help you see the extraordinary inside yourself, embrace your journey, and discover your story, we will be discussing how we often discover our story one chapter at a time and how life is a series of adjustments.  I describe the unfolding of adjustments in our life since my husband Mike’s diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis and the current chapter we are in that is the hardest one that we have gone through, one that is crushing me.  I also share one of the ways I have worked to change the way I see our current chapter inspired by a TED talk called “How to make stress your friend” in which health psychologist Kelly Magonigal shares how we can reprogram the way we see stress and situations in our life to create a biology of courage.  I invite you to create an equation of happiness and think about how you have resilience in your life.

Listen and be inspired to evaluate the way you approach adjustments in your life and how are they written into the chapters of your own story.

Show Notes:

My Instagram post that sparked this episode on talking about sharing the heavy things in my life

Stiry video on Mike and I “The Couple that Life Can’t Beat”

TED Talk “How to make stress your friend”

My “15 year: take it slow” playlist on Spotify