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Are you feeling depleted, experiencing a lack of energy or motivation, or that something is just off in your life?  In today’s LifeLine podcast episode I share a simple analogy of making withdrawals and deposits into our personal inner bank account and how the balance will determine how we are feeling and performing in our life.  I share some personal stories that demonstrate the healthy and unhealthy withdrawals that are made and the realization that we must be making deposits daily, and how there must be more deposits than withdrawals in our lives.  We explore the types of deposits I have been making recently and I ask you a series of questions to help you determine how you know if you are having more withdrawals than deposits in your life, if you are contributing to any of the unhealthy withdrawals, how you can overcome any guilt associated with making deposits, and how you can increase the amount of deposits you are making?  I share how amazing you are and how much you are worth the effort of identifying the deposits that are most impactful and making more of them in your life.  You my friends are worth the investment and those in your life who you deposit into are worth it too.

Listen and be inspired to identify the withdrawals and deposits in your life and to see that you being replenished will help you serve in the capacity you were designed to fill.

Show Notes:

Questions from today’s show:

What are some of the withdrawals that are in your life?

What are the healthy withdrawals that you love that are coming out?

What are some of the unhealthy withdrawals and are you contributing to them being taken out? Are you allowing them to?

How do you know when there had been too many withdrawals in your life? How does that leave you feeling? What are some of the ways that you act?

What are some of the things that are occurring because you realizing there are too many withdrawals?

What are the deposits in your life?

How can we increase the amount of deposits?

What’s preventing you from making more deposits in your lives?