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On today’s LifeLine podcast episode I share some top lessons I have learned from a 10 day social media fast and from dating again.  Sounds entertaining?  I hope so:)  I talk about identifying the reasons I turned to social media as well as the reaffirmation that real life connection is king.  I give my Top 5 lessons I have learned from dating again that can be applied to being in any relationship and the importance of having a support group no matter what circumstance or stage you are in in life.  I share the lessons or realizations of 1. knowing my priorities and keeping them in place, 2. feeling good about who I am, 3. the non-negotiables and top 10 qualities in a relationship, 4. willing to be open to emotions, and 5. knowing difference between kindness and empathy.  I ask you to think about what are the current lessons you am learning in this stage of your life I am in and how is your story being developed from the good and hard things that are going on.

Listen and be inspired to identify the reasons you turn to social media, seek out a group of friends for support and to be understood, and identify the top things you want in a relationship.

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