On today’s LifeLine podcast episode I give a State of the Union type address to share updates on the recent shifts in my life through answering your questions including my relationship with my ex-husband, how my children are doing, where the angry “b” is inside of me, and how I am doing it.  I share more about the challenges that have happened over the past 6 months including a new job, my current focus, and what’s ahead for me and Season 3.  I talk about having compassion on ourselves as seen through the lens of the 5 Love Languages, the law of compensation operating in my children’s lives, as well as choosing to shift my perspective again and again away from feeling trapped and fearful towards seeing my current situation as a boot camp to prepare for the future work.

Listen and be inspired to give yourself compassion through your love languages, how you see the law of compensation working in your life, and shift our perspective about our life when we are feeling stuck, trapped, fearful, or frustrated.