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On today’s podcast we explore the power of handwritten notes, taking the time to express your gratitude for someone in your life through words down on paper.  I share recent examples in my life in which I was both the recipient and the author of such notes and the bond, joy, and gratitude that has come from this type of exchange.  I imagine we can all remember a time when we ourselves have been the recipient of such a treasure and what that did for our hearts and soul.  During this holiday season, I challenge you to think of three people in your life who have made a difference and take a few minutes to express your gratitude to them.  I share how this may even be a doorway or an olive branch for repairing or healing a relationship.

Listen and be inspired to reflect on those people in your life who have made an impact, think on a time when handwritten communication has been a treasure to you, and then take a few minutes to express gratitude through writing a handwritten note to three people who have made a difference in your life.