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I know that through today’s guest’s story, you will draw upon her courage and optimism in the face of so much difficulty and uncertainty.  Today I have the honor to introduce you to one of the bravest people I have met, Mariana Lopez Gonzalez of Elegir la Vida (Choose Life), who joins us from Puebla, Mexico.  Mariana shares her compelling story that will leave you savoring each bite of food after listening, as well as the ability to embrace more uncertainty in your life.  At the age of 19, Mariana checked out a black dot on her vision to reveal that she had a very large brain tumor and required emergency surgery.  Although a successful surgery in removing the tumor, complications led to a cardiac-respiratory arrest, dysphagia, and the loss of function of her epiglottis which has prevented her from being able to eat for almost 7 years.  Mariana shares her story of rehabilitation as she had to relearn how to speak, use her hands, and walk as well as her feelings upon learning that she may never be able to eat again.  Her courage to accept uncertainty and to fully accept her circumstances are truly inspiring.    She shares the split second decision she had to make as she returned to college in a wheelchair and with an oxygen tank that changed her perspective on life forever.  You will be be inspired by the wisdom and peace of this incredible woman.


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