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On today’s show I have the absolute honor to bring you the guest that over the past years has been the most requested person that I interview.  The stars have finally aligned and she is with me today on the show.  You will instantly hear the warmth, humor, and passion in her voice and know why.  Natalie Norton is force in this world, she is a writer, photographer, speaker, and life consultant, and the energy behind her newly launched podcast “Show Up”.  Her story is as deep as the passion she has found in her calling to help others see & feel their inherent capacity & worth & to take ownership of that sacred responsibility that comes as a result as then help empower them to live in that highest purpose & potential in their own businesses and lives.  Sounds powerful?!  You better believe she is.  Today we speak to so much of that – leaning in with courage, opting out of ghost worries, and knowing your best is good enough and you are going to be ok – we do this through relating both of our stories, me struggling and making mistakes as a single mom but also being enough for myself and my children, and Natalie drawing upon her wealth of experiences from her own incredible story of years of loss and tragedy, losing her only sibling, then her son, then separation from 3 adopted children, then a mini-stroke, followed by the severe accident of another son.  Friends can you even imagine?!  Natalie is a testament that it is our response to difficulty that determines the quality of our lives. She knows that ⁣it can be really hard, but each of us has what it takes and we truly can find happiness & peace, no matter what life throws our way.⁣

Listen and be inspired to lean into life with courage no matter the circumstance, to opt out of those ghost worries that distort reality, to see the greatest gift of becoming self-aware is the trust we gain in ourselves, and to know that your best is always good enough and you are going to be okay.

Show Notes:

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