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Friends I have introduced a new type of episode called a SoundBeat, playing off the word soundbite, to bring you a short supercharged episode packed with inspiration and questions for you to do some reflection and give you some motivation for your week!  In this first episode I ask you two questions: What guides you?  And How do you stay true to you?  These are inspired by my personal decision to take a 10 social media fast as presented by a man I believe to be a prophet of God, Pres Russell M Nelson, the President of the church to which I am a member, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   I share what guides me in my life in making decisions and how I make sure that guidance is in alignment with who I am.  I invite you to reflect on these questions in your life.

I decided to substitute these SoundBeat episodes during the fast , but will return in full force after the fast with a LifeLine episode and two incredible episodes with Vlada Bortnik of Marco Polo and Kathy Headlee of Mothers Without Borders!