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Who am I?  A basic question, but how many of us can answer it with confidence and a smile on our face?  Can you?  On today’s little SoundBeat podcast episode I give a little preview into Season 3 and ask for your help.  I discuss the power of those two words “I am” and challenge you to finish the sentence.  I invite you to imagine what your life would look like if you unlocked and illuminated your greatest power of knowing who you are and stepped out into the world as yourself.  I invite you to share with me what the barriers are in your life that prevent you from doing just that.  How powerful would our world be, how full of love and compassion and how much harmony would exist if we would show up as ourselves.

Listen and be inspired to see the wholeness that already exists inside of you and to uncover your identity to change the way you see yourselves, others, and the world around you.

Show Notes:

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Henry’s new song “Tomorrow”