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On today’s SoundBeat podcast I share three phases of decision making and how learning to move through them quickly can reduce the amount of anxious pain we experience.  We talk about the “weighing out options”, “decision”, and “action” phases as well as two different types of pain: “anxious” and “peaceful”.  I share how we allow anxious pain to build as we delay in moving from one phase to another and dwell in an inauthentic place when we know what is right and yet we do not decide or act.   I examine my progress as determine how quickly I pivot or course correct after knowing what I need to do.

Listen and be inspired to examine your own decision making progress and see how long you allow anxious pain to as you delay acting on what you know to be right, speed up the transition from anxious to peaceful pain as you go from weighing options to deciding to acting, and learn from your past decisions to become more self-aware as you face change.