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Would you ever sleep in the freezing cold just because you didn’t want to have to unroll and roll up your sleeping bag?  Well if you have ever had to roll one up and shove it in that stupidly small bag, then you may be tempted to answer yes.  How foolish that may seem to give up warmth and comfort just to spare ourselves of 5 minutes of work!  And yet we do this all the time.  On today’s SoundBeat podcast I share the story of the sleeping bag and discuss how we often allow ourselves unnecessary prolonged pain because we avoid having to put in effort, time, or heart into doing something we know we need to do, but just don’t want to.

Listen and be inspired to identify your spiritual or emotional sleeping bag, those things you are refusing to do and why you are avoiding having to unroll and roll them despite knowing that its unpleasantness is short-lived compared to the consequences of not doing them.

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Jennifer Garner’s rolling up of her sleeping bag