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What do you do when you get to the end of your rope?  …when you have reached the very limit of what you handle?  ….when that one more thing happens that puts you over the edge?  On today’s podcast we discuss that feeling of being stretched to our max and then the moment we decide what we are going to do to press forward.  I imagine I am not alone when I have faced what I felt was my very limit of what I could handle and then it happens, that unexpected thing comes out of no where and stretches us even more: a car towed, a repeated mistake, a child’s decision, a broken heart, a moment of utter loneliness.  Then we are faced with what we are going to do.  And then we do it, perhaps stammeringly or near paralysis, but we do it, every time, we put one foot in front of the other.

Listen and be inspired to breathe, press forward, and put that one foot in front of the other as we meet those moments that would keep us down or take our breath away.