On today’s SoundBeat podcast friends I share some fun news that I think so many of you will be happy to hear.  Psst, I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with the guy next to me.  Now don’t get too excited.  I share how as I am navigating my current path there have been a lot of fears that have shown up but how my goal has been to not make any decisions motivated by fear.  I received a great insight from this gentleman that I share, that even though we may choose not to make decisions driven by fear and despite our belief that things will work out for our good, we may still feel afraid for what may come in our path as we forge ahead.  It goes hand in hand with my belief that faith and fear do not have to be exclusive.  We can step forward with courage despite of the fear we still have.

Listen and be inspired to continue on your journey even if you are holding both the hands of faith and fear.