Seeing oneself at the bottom of the deep end of the pool is never how one would hope to describe their life. Today’s LifeLine podcast is inspired by the raw emotions and story captured by Stiry’s video “Rising from the Deep” as part of their Stories Uncut series.  They capture a phase of my life in which unearthing my deepest wounds and facing my greatest demons and fears has helped me to be able to transition to hope for my future.   In today’s podcast we explore this deep end of the pool imagery and ask you to think about what pressures you are undergoing and what they may be preparing you for.  We examine how you can determine if your are acclimating, adjusting, and progressing in your situation.

Listen and be inspired to change your perspective of your current situation and identify what these challenges may be teaching you, as well as what signs in your life are showing you that you are learning and progressing.

Rising from the Deep” Stiry’s video on me as part of their series “Stories Uncut”

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