How have you had to be flexible in your current life situation?  In today’s SoundBeat podcast I share the benefits of learning to bend that can bring opportunity as well as the things what might be preventing us from bending.  I compare us to a bending tree in the storms of life and a beautiful article that brings perspective. “Life will offer us an opportunity to bow gracefully.  It may persistently push us to bend.  We bend, but never break.”

I also share incredible, joyful, marvelous, fabulous, spectacular news!!!   Can’t wait to share more with you!!

Listen and be inspired to be pliable and adaptable in our current global circumstance, find out what may be preventing you from adjusting, and to find new applications for your strengths.  Also learn more about my special announcement!!!

Show Notes:

“Trees that bend that bend, but do not break” article by Samantha McKenzie