Have you ever been so excited about something new, magical, and unique only to find that it soon loses its luster and becomes normal or average? Has that ever happened to you in a relationship? Did you know that our brain naturally does that and its up to us to reprogram our mind to keep the magic alive? So if its a common problem we all experience, how do we do that? In today’s podcast I share some lessons I have learned through my divorce that I wish every married couple could understand. I get a little mushy and talk about Jared and our determination to keep our love and relationship new and filled with gratitude. I base my comments around an incredible book I am reading called “Deviate” by my crush neuroscientist Beau Lotto who reveals how our brains function to normalize things but how it can be conditioned to see the magic in a person, just as we see the magic in a sunset everyday.

Show Notes:

Beau Lotto’s book “Deviate”


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