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Do you ever get the feeling that change is coming?  You can feel it in your bones, on your skin, its whispering to you in the wind.  On today’s little SoundBeat I share the feelings that have been in my bones and what is coming next for the podcast!  Friends, be excited because change is a comin’!!!

And I want to hear from you: What do YOU want to hear more of from the podcast?  More LifeLines?  More guests?  Which ones?  What subjects do you think we need to talk about?

I want to jump on a call with you this week! Lets make a date (I definitely could use some more of those;)  Email me your phone number and days and times that work for you this week to chat with me for 10-15 minutes.

And to celebrate May as Mental Health Awareness Month and the many incredible guests who have openly shared their personal struggles,

Listen to this week’s highlighted podcast : “TLBP #111 Floating through your own anxiety and helping someone you love through anxiety | with Sarah Clark of the Dainty Pear”

Show Notes:

Email me at [email protected] to let me know if you want to chat with me on the phone to tell me what you want from the podcast

I want to know if you have listened to all 143 episodes of The LifeBeats Project!  Tell me and there is a prize for you!!

Kathy Headlee of “Mothers Without Borders”

LifeLine episode on finding your soul’s path