With a heart heavy from recent events as well as hopeful one rooted in my deep belief in the goodness of mankind, I share my thoughts on today’s SoundBeat podcast about how we can lock arms in this nation through open hearts, open ears, and open space.  I do not pretend to understand but I want to.  I have been searching to know where I can begin, what I can do, how can I create change, and have been open to having my beliefs challenged.  I offer up some articles and quotes that brought me hope and understanding and reminded me that everyone’s steps toward linking arms will look different as they look inside and open their heart and ears.

Show Notes:

Quote from Rev. Amos Brown from video “All is Well”

Quote from Unitarian Universalist minister in article “Why you should stop saying ‘all lives matter,’ explained in 9 different ways”

Article “75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice”