Have you ever been “in-between”?  In that place in between who you have been and where you want to be?  In between relationships, careers, parenting styles, goals, dreams?  On the road of healing, changing habits, shifting expectations?  On today’s SoundBeat podcast I explore the space between (thank you Dave Matthews) the decision we made to leave something behind and the attainment of what we are striving for.  I believe we have all been there and know the frustration, excitement, energy, tenacity, uncertainty, anticipation that comes with being there.  I share my own space of “in between” and 5 principles that are helping me move through “the period in which we let go of who we know ourselves to be in order to allow for the possibility of who we might become.” – Katherine Woodward Thomas “Calling in ‘The One'”

Listen and be inspired to let go, hold on, and reach for what we really want as we move through a period of uncertainty.

Show Notes:

Book “Calling In ‘The One'”: 7 weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life


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